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About Desire (Lines)

Desire is heavy, treacle-coated porridge. It is a longing for something beyond our grasp – something forbidden and of questionable virtue. Desire is complex and heavy. It has too many meanings, too many associations to ever be straightforward. It is sexual. It is greed. It is competition and power. Desire goes hand in hand with envy and other sins. It is weighted with judgement, inhibiting us from following our own will.

Wherever and whoever we want to be, we are slaves to pre-set paths that take us to where and who we are told we should be. To pursue anything different is to place ourselves in contention with the accepted will of the masses.

Walk this way—and only this way. Don’t walk on the grass. Behave—and behave as expected.

A desire line is simple. It is a path that is formed from a wish to pass from one place to another. A desire line pays no heed to the well-worn paths that we are trained to follow. It is a simple act of disobedience.

If the way does not exist, I will create it.

Whether the journey leaves any visible trace is secondary.

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