DesireLin.es is a collection of resources to help you discover, explore and tell your own story, find your own path, roll around in the glorious mud of uncertainty, and maybe even find your own version of clarity.

Real world stories are not linear. There are any number of routes a story can take—any number of wandering diversions and sub-plots that want to be told. Each diversion adds to the richness of the story, but  there is a fine line between richness and confusion. It is hard to tell your own story when you are lost in the middle of it

I know this. I’ve been there. I’m still there. I’m working this stuff out as I share it with you.

The first steps and exploration can be exciting, driven by curiosity about what we may discover. And at the end is the satisfaction that comes with clarity and the knowledge of a journey well-travelled. But in between is a mess of difficult, deeply unsettling confusion and uncertainty.

This frightening and confusing place is home to the greatest and most creative solutions—if only we let ourselves explore. The journey from lost to found requires a leap of faith into the murky unknown of our own history.


Explorer. Walker. Writer. Designer. Illustrator. Communicator. Partner. Friend. Helpaholic. Dog-mother. Photographer. Wanderer. Wonderer. Ecologist. Beach hut custodian. Strategist. Print maker. Collaborator. Landscape historian. Story teller.

My path through life has been a wandering one. My own desire line has taken me in many different directions. I have worked on remote seabird islands as a researcher and fence builder; in theatres as a scenic artist, wardrobe assistant and stage manager; for theme parks and architects as a 3D and graphic designer and model-maker; for museums as a design and content strategist, and for the charity and public sectors as a communications and website designer, writer, editor, illustrator and graphic designer. I have studied theatre design and film making as well as history, ecology and conservation.

It’s taken me a while to realise that there has always with one theme driving my every turn; story telling.

DesireLin.es is the culmination of a lifetime spent exploring all these themes and interests. It fulfils my own desire for more collaboration, more exploring my inner and real-world landscapes, more sharing what I have learned, and more opportunity to connect with and help women who have lost their sense of self and who are searching for their own path.

It is a passion project that has kept me up at night as I tried to find a way to bring together my love of landscape history, story telling and creativity. DesireLin.es is something that I know will grow in its own time as I connect with people who see the world the same way; as a gloriously flawed and confusing place where uncertainty and vulnerability are not only terrifying, but also intoxicating and the origin of all creativity and positive change.