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I went from a tongue-tied storyteller who loved writing and all forms of visual communication but didn’t believe she had anything of value to share—to someone who uses stories to connect both with the people I love, and with new friends and colleagues all over the world. All while being fundamentally and completely me.

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Making meaning from the meaningless

Making meaning from the meaningless

Do you see animals in clouds, faces in the pattern of your wallpaper, or Jesus in the burn marks of your toast? You’re not alone. Pareidolia, the tendency to see shapes and faces in inanimate or abstract patterns is a pretty common. It’s probably ...
Whose story is it?

Whose story is it, anyway?

When I was six, I got a skateboard for Christmas. It was red. And it was the best present ever. My best friend Barney came to visit and I dragged him to the airing cupboard where it lived. But when I hoisted myself up to the top, climbing the slatted shelves like a ladder, the…
Storytelling technique

Are we “story illiterate”?

My 11 year-old niece and 8 year-old nephew asked me what I like to watch. I presumed they meant on TV and said I like drama, documentaries, comedy … And then I tailed off. They looked confused. ...

Miranda & Pickle

Miranda - tell your story

It’s hard to tell your own story when you are lost in the middle of it. I know. I’ve been there. I help the voiceless and the tongue-tied to untangle and tell their own stories.

Hi! I’m Miranda. I’m a writer, story teller, designer and, the human behind The hairy beast below is Pickle, my office buddy, walking companion and favourite sock-muncher.

Pickle in a bowl

Everyone has a story to tell, but very few have the confidence or natural inclination to be their own story teller. I’ve spent 20-something years helping turn research, data and ideas into stories that people actually want to hear.

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